Case Study Center of Gravity


Do you know the optimal number and locations for your DC’s.

Learn how to use the Center of Gravity App from Supply Chain Apps portfolio to optimize your network design.

TOP 6 Supply Chain Strategies for 2020


Today’s supply chains have become more complex than ever, with socioeconomic and market dynamics underscoring organizations’ need to respond to an outside in, demand driven world This is forcing many to reexamine their business continuity risks and embrace new sourcing strategiescs.

Worldwide Areas Available


Based on your user feedback, Supply Chain Visualization is one of the most popular features. Nevertheless, we constantly work to improve it. This time, we added worldwide areas data to Supply Chain Map. Now you can easily download areas across the world with multiple depths and visualize them on the map!

Supply Chain Apps


Transform your Excel tables with intelligent apps into powerful insights.

Supply Chain Anna


Model tailor-made Supply Chain Analytics solutions in record time.

Our Products

Our innovative products enable leading organizations to optimize and predict their Supply Chain of tomorrow.

Supply Chain Apps

Empowering Supply Chain experts to transform Excel tables with intelligent apps into powerful insights.

Supply Chain Anna

Empowering Supply Chain Analytics teams to model tailor-made, AI-based solutions in record time.

Selected Customers

Here’s a sampling of who we work with.

Excel is a great tool used by 750 million people worldwide.

We make it to the perfect tool for Supply Chain Planning and Optimization.

Gain insights into the tons of data stored in your Excel files – and use them to save tons of money.

Are your Supply Chain Planning problems too complex for a standard software?

If yes, we have the perfect solution for you.

Supply Chain Anna adopts to your planning problem not vice versa!

Accelerate AI based solution development with the intelligent building blocks.

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