Business requires variable storage capacity. But generally, warehouse capacity is fixed. Effective volume and capacity mostly does not fit.

Space providers usually have idle space and look for additional revenue.

Log-hub actively matches business looking for space and warehouse providers offering idle capacity and related services. Thereby, we increase the utilization of warehouse space, generate additional revenues for space providers and offer a better service and lower costs for goods owners.

We create value for all business partners, make dynamic supply chains more efficient and maintain highest flexibility.

We use digital technology to acquire partners, optimize supply chains and find for all goods appropriate space. We offer defined workflows and reliable transactions among trusted partners.

We are a team of skilled logistics professionals and technology experts, being well aware of the requirements of all business partners along the supply chain.

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Dirk Hanschur


Profound management experience with global logistics companies focused on control tower solutions, logistic network strategies and change management.
01. October 2017

Björn Knoblauch


Sound management experience with a global logistics company focused on Operations, Project Management and Process Engineering.

Jan Sigmund


Extensive management experience in developing intelligent software solutions for logistics industry focused on math. optimization and machine learning.
01. October 2017

Jaro Habr


Experienced IT professional with broad expertise in software engineering and building scalable platforms in various industries.

Advisory Board

Prof. J. Rod Franklin, PHD

Adjunct Professor of Logistics, KLU Kühne Logistics University, Hamburg

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Kummer

Academic Director Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien

Prof. Dr. Carl Marcus Wallenburg

Chair of Logistics and Services Management, WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management, Vallendar